PRISMA- The app that is making everyone artistic!

Remember the days when people used to sit in front of a painter so that he can draw it on the canvas?

Or remember when buying artistic work would cost you a fortune?

Well, not in any more! PRISMA app makes everyone a PICASSO! This new artistic app lets you add various art filters on your pictures/videos and make it look like it has been painted.
And they have so varying filters that you can spend hours trying to give a single picture various looks.
Everyone in the world is going ga-ga over this app which makes every picture like a master piece.
Don’t believe us?
Have a look yourself!


Here is the original picture

The Original


And now, here are the pictures with various filters used on the picture-


First filter – RAOUL







Third- TOKYO




Here, see another filter – ILLEGAL BEAUTY


Illegal Beauty


There are another 15-18 more filter to try out, but you get our gist, right?


PRISMA- Making Instagram filter look lame since July 2016 😀


Authored by – Divya Kamra

Pictures by- Amarjeet Singh

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