Is Your Social Media Profile Resume Ready?

When the world is propelling to a situation that expecting parents are blocking the website domains of their babies before they are born to create his or her online identity, you shouldn’t be looking for more reasons on why you need to have an impressive online profile.

From prospective employers scrutinizing your profile to curious partners trying to discover more about you, your online presence decides if you are a hit or a drop.

Here are a few tips to make your online profile work for you

1) Create an awesome bio: 140 characters or less, that’s the twitter challenge where you need to describe who you are and what you do. Highlight by using keywords and get to the point by talking about your expertise, passion, interest, etc. From informative or funny, make sure you showcase yourself as unique. Likewise, on LinkedIn, your professional headline speaks volume. Make sure that it says more than just your job title and expresses your skills and interests.


2) Go public: Transparency is the key to a successful social media presence. Opening yourself up gives credibility to your overall online appearance. Keep your LinkedIn profile public so that it shows up in searches. Same goes for Instagram or Facebook at the very least keep it open to be found in searches. Make sure there is consistency in your profile on all platforms, what you are in professional life should be a reflection of who you are at the personal level and vice versa.

3) Stay Updated: The best ammunition for a killer online presence is an update. Don’t share each and everything happening in your life, but keep job descriptions and your bio current. Use LinkedIn’s profile completeness meter for a more complete profile, if you can’t make it 100%, try for 90 to 95% completed at least.

profile strenght

4) Bragging Rights: Don’t be shy about sharing your achievements, at work or outside of work. The more you share, better the visibility you get. Employers are always looking for employees with different talents and skills.

5) Google yourself: To know what a prospective employee sees when they research you, go ahead and Google yourself. Check all links that come up on the page 1 or max page 2 of the search results. You may be surprised to see a few profiles, you might have created ages ago popping up in search results.Google your self

Update the ones you want to keep, delete the profiles you no longer use. Also check each and every image, you don’t want a drunken photograph popping up in the image searches.

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