SECRET: Slyness is on the prowl!

Worried about getting embarrassed if your boss reads your Facebook status?

Kiss your worry a goodbye! ‘Secret‘, a new entrant in the apps market has been designed to help one share what one is thinking and feeling with friends anonymously

There is always that part of you curious to know something you are not supposed to, specially things that fall into the ‘SECRET’ zone.  This is now possible, thanks to the ‘anonymous new entrant’ social networking app called ‘Secret’.

Released on 29th May, 2014 and available on iOS and Playstore,  the app asks to access your contact list to identify users who use Secret (although the names are kept anonymous). Secret allows you to peek into some of the juicy, forbidden and straight-from-the-heart thoughts, which are more like confessions bathed in anonymity.


The app is being used as a medium to vent out innermost secrets, fears and thoughts that are otherwise not shared on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Users can view posts from their anonymous friends and friends of friends (if you have atleast 3 people on your list), this selectivity piqued our interest. The more people love your posts (tap-a-heart feature like Instagram), the further they spread. Every time you comment on a secret you get a new display icon that remains yours only for that comment thread, whereas the author of the post has a display icon of a ‘crown’. A unique feature of this app is that you can add a background picture or a colour backdrop to help your thought standout!

David Byttow, co-founder of ‘Secret’, quotes “In this day and age, privacy and security are more important than ever. It was important to us at Google and Square, and will always be a top priority at Secret.”

Question remains, ‘How anonymous is this anonymous?’

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